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    North Main Real Estate

    The North Main area is a well-established residential neighborhood area in the Greenville community.  The community, which includes several historical designated areas, has smaller renovated homes next to historic remodeled homes with many modern features and amenities.


    North Main is known for a very active and vibrant community of families and individuals. Walkability, access to the Greenlink transit system, and the unique trolleys that run Thursday through Sunday, parks, activities, and close proximity to the downtown of Greenville provides the opportunity for an active lifestyle. An extensive trail system links Greenville neighborhoods and allows bicycling and foot traffic. Since its origin in 1813 the North Main area has grown to well over 4,500 residents. Ideal location, thriving job market, award winning schools, great health care, and local transportation combine to create one of the most desired neighborhoods in the Greenville area.